2023 World Chess Championship: Game 11

2023 World Chess Championship

Astana, Kazakhstan (April 7th-May 1st)

Game 11: Not much happening… Nepo holds lead
Not much happening... Nepomniachtchi holds lead. Photo by Stev Bonhage
Match Score: 6-5
Official Site: https://worldchampionship.fide.com/

2023 World Chess Championship: Game 11
Monday, 24 April 2023

The World Chess Championship just moved to the final phase after yet another drawn game in Game 11. This one was without much fireworks and Ian Nepomniachtchi maintains his one-point lead in a match for the ages. After the fourth draw in a row, this is not what is needed, but when asked if he felt it was time to play a sharper opening like the Sicilian, Ding Liren balked at the notion. With only four games left, that time may be approaching.

This game did not have much content, but the official website gave this brief synopsis:

In the Anti-Marshall line of the Ruy Lopez, Ian Nepomniachtchi, playing as White, deviated from the c3-line he played before in the match and went for 8.a3, the move he tested against Ding at the 2020 Candidates and Carlsen in the 2021 title match. As the game developed, White managed to gain slightly more initiative and a more comfortable position on the board.

After the somewhat premature move 15…c4 by Ding, opening some weaknesses, White had a chance to maintain tension and put more pressure on Black. Nepomniachtchi instead opted to simplify the position. After a series of exchanges on the board, the two entered a drawn rook endgame.

So that was the game in a nutshell. The Russian continues to plod on, but with three games left, he will face a fierce challenge from Ding. Can his nerves hold up? This match has been a wild ride, but it begs the question…

Analysis by IM Robert Ris (ChessBase)

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