Colding releases “Chess for Children”!

National Master Ernest “Steve” Colding has been a mainstay in New York chess for more than 40 years. He has an affable persona and for the past 30 years has shared his joy of chess with students in the New York area. As one of the original “Black Bears of Chess,” he continues to enjoy a fierce game of blitz. With yet another contribution to the chess community, he has released a new book titled, “Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons.”

The book extols the virtues of chess and provides a learning guide with 10 lessons. The target market are parents and coaches of schoolchildren with the idea of making it a fun learning activity. There are a number of interactive exercises with helpful diagrams and 53 challenge exercises. It’s an enjoyable book for teaching your children. I was one of the first to purchase a copy. Get yours today!


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