Cage Match! Daniel X Jones vs. Jeff DeJesus

Daniel X JonesJeff DeJesus

Daniel X Jones vs. Jeff DeJesus

After two months, another Cage Match is upon us! Daniel X Jones will take on Jeff DeJesus in a 21-game blitz match at the Chicago Chess Center. After a couple of hotly-contest matches, Jones will take on DeJesus who will be flying in from Houston, Texas for match glory. The two have faced each other at the Internet Chess Club with DeJesus winning a bullet match by a +19 margin. In fact, this result caused back-and-forth banter with DeJesus releasing a diss video on the result.

Of course, online bullet and face-to-face blitz are two very different disciplines and it will be interesting to see if Jones can close the gap. The match is heavily anticipated after being postponed for a month due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey. There have been reams of trashtalk on Facebook, but now all the talking has to end and it’s time to play! The match will feature 21 games in 5- and 3-minute formats.

Follow the match tomorrow on Facebook Live!

Main Event!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017
500pm CST

Daniel X Jones (Chicago) vs. Jeff DeJesus (Texas)

5-minute (10 games)
3-minute (11 games)

Chicago Chess Club
8622 S. Pulaski
Chicago, Illinois 60652

Video by Johnny Strapp

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