Carlsen vs. Nakamura Showdown on 10-27!

Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship

There is a heavyweight blitz battle taking place in a couple of hours at between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and blitz phenom Hikaru Nakamura. Yes… it’s a big deal. This serves as a warm-up match before Carlsen’s title defense against Sergey Karjakin and the champion could not have asked for a better tune-up. This match will break all types of records for viewership and can be watched in a number of different venues. Grandmaster Robert Hess and International Danny Rensch will be giving live commentary.

The following viewing options will be available at 10 a.m. Pacific time Thursday (1 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. GMT, 6 p.m. London, 7 p.m. Oslo):

  • official broadcast with GM Robert Hess and IM Daniel Rensch (English) — watch here to see the ChessTV chat.
  • official broadcast with GM Hess and IM Rensch (English) — watch here to see the Twitch chat.
  • Russian broadcast.
  • French broadcast.
  • Portuguese broadcast.

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  1. oh yeah i was on the when this match took place and it seems mignus proved to be a bit better than Sunils Sun in the fast chess, actually i wuz kinda surprised by the easy in which he won the match. I guess ur right Daaim seemed like a good warm up match of whats to come. OH one more thought, naka doesnt study chessbooks and Mignus does or has had some training from someone who has that seems to be the biggest difference in the match from an ULTRMODERN point of view, dunno, Adia , tricktalkin Bufflalonians yall got anything to say now, drummas they eerily quiet nowadays around these parts after all them years of gm talkin, they funny ,lol , DO DA WORK!!!!! ULTRAMODERNIST.

  2. I think I read somewhere, Naka remark that he was at his best at bullet or speed chess when he was around 18. It’s like saying it’s rigged before it’s over!(lol)

    1. oh thats probably when he wuz on ICC as Smallville studyin my bullet chess. Adia? BUFFALONIANS? heheheehe ULTRAMODERNIST.

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