2014 Chess Olympiad: Round #9

2014 Chess Olympiad: Round #9
Monday, 11 August 2014

Top Boards (Open)

China 2-2 Ukraine
Czech Republic 1½-2½ France
Norway 2-2 Turkey
Azerbaijan 2-2 Romania
Israel 1-3 Hungary

Full Results

The parity of this year’s Olympiad means that many teams retain medal chances even after a setback. In order to win the gold, a team is generally undefeated. China is the only undefeated team remaining and logically in first place. In the 9th round there were several draws on the top boards which meant the positions did not change very much. However, Hungary has inched up in the standings. However, with China is a holding position, there needs to be more pressure applied to prevent the Dragon from roaring to victory. For many years, it seemed inevitable that China would make a breakthrough. That time seems to have come.

Top Boards (Women)

Armenia 1½-2½ Russia
Estonia 1½-2½ Norway 1
France ½-3½ China
India 1½-2½ Ukraine
Spain 3½-½ Argentina

Full Results

Russia seems destined for a “threepeat” after another victory. With a stunning 9/9, the Russian women have welcomed Kateryna Lagno’s addition with an inspired performance. While China continues to pile up board points, Russia piles up wins. Lagno did lose today against Elena Danielian, but Russia still beat Chinese crushed France, the Ukraine edged India moving into 3rd position. This also show how strong the Ukraine was… losing their first board (Lagno), but gaining another (A. Muzychuk).

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