Endgame Survival Training #3

Battle of Kings!

After this pawn ending we will move onto other themes.

Ending with few pieces on the board are often the hardest because a slight mistake results in the loss of a half- or full-point. In this position white has a chance to win this position, however there are subtleties and care must be taken or the full-point is lost. How does white proceed?

White to play and win!


  1. After thinking about 1. Kd2 (1…a3!=) and 1.Kc1, Henry Chimanga of Zambia came up with this on Facebook…

    Henry Mutale Chimanga White must get the opposition. And force back to always make a move he doesn’t want to…. So, lets say 1. Kb1! Ke5 2. Ka2 Kd4 (1. Kb1 a3 2. b3! and black fails to trick white) 3. Ka3 Kc5 4. Kxa4 Kc6 5. Kb4 Kb6 6. b3!
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    Henry Mutale Chimanga Play can continue 6. Kc6 7. Ka5! Kc7 8. Ka6! Kc6 9. b4 Kc7 10. b5 Kb8 11. Kb6! (Black is lost now) Kc8 12. Ka7 Kc7 13. b6+ Kc8 14. b7+ and black can resign!
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  2. White plays 1.kb1 now if 1….a3, then 2.b3 ke6 3.ka2 kd6 4.kxa3 kc5 5.ka4 kb6 6.kb4 wins. If 1….ke6 then 2.ka2 kd6 3.ka3 kc6 4.kxa4 kb6 5.kb4 wins. If 4….kc5 then 5.ka5 kc6 6.b4 kb7 7.kb5 wins.

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