Chess Olympiad coming!

Fédération Internationale des Échecs  (FIDE)

The 40th Chess Olympiad will commence August 27th in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 160 nations will travel to the history country in the aftermath of the Olympic Games in London, England. Anticipating the largest Olympiad in history, Turkey last held the Olympiad in 2002 and hopes to be better than the last version in the historic city. With some of the most famous landmarks in the world, the participants will be treated to all Istanbul has to offer with its bustling streets and vibrant landscape.

Official Site of the 2012 Chess Olympiad

The field will be loaded as most of the world’s top teams will bring their best players. Again Russia will be the rating favorites followed by defending champions Armenia with China, the Ukraine, USA, Azerbaijan and Israel also in the mix. (see predictions) However, the Olympiad is a tournament where stars are born. Many unheralded, young players are looking to get some scalps at the expense of an unsuspecting master. The Chess Drum will cover the event with onsite coverage beginning on September 2nd.

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  1. Letter from Turkish Chess Federation President Ali Nihat Yazici:

    Dear Friends,

    We work very hard to succeed a good organization with 40th Olympiad and 83rd FIDE Congress. Those who has made registration and send their travel details will be picked up with a good service from Istanbul Airport! When you arrive to Istanbul Airport, you will pass passport control (also visa if you need). Then just after the passport control you will see those two desks (photo of one of them given here). Go there and introduce yourself. Then you are in safe hands for all services for your luggage, your transportation to the hotel you were given! We hope you will not have any need, but with lost luggage case you will get assistance. Do not miss those two desks. If you manage somehow to miss it, still you have one more chance after custom point, on arrival hall, in front of AVEA shop one more desk for help.

    Do not leave airport without finding our guys, they will arrange your transport to hotels. Please help us with those instructions to have better assistance! Since Istanbul Airport does not allow any car parking outside due to traffic and security, we should call busses for your delegation. If you contact our guys everything will be in good order.

    We try our best, but we may only succeed with your help. Help us by following this instructions and let us make one of the best organisations in the history together for your happiness.

    We miss you in Istanbul and we are impatient for Monday night 21.45!

    Gens Una Sumus”

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