2012 South African Open

Chess South Africa & Chess Western Province

South Africa South Africa South Africa

cordially invites all chess players to participate in

2012 South African Open

Friday 29th June 2012 and will conclude on Sunday 8th July 2012
Newlands Stadium Convention Centre
(City of Cape Town in Western Province, South Africa)


Entries after 27th June 2012
will be subject to the discretion of the tournament organisers.

Register at official CHESSA website!


    1. This a freak of the chess nature in the world of talented Adley! The African Champ played below the young man’s level and not the other order! In the end, after recovering, Adly quipped about his knack to make events tough for his otherwise supposed ease crowning! He reminded me what happened in Namibia Africa Champs where he lost twice in the start! ” I lack early the focus sometimes!” He said vebatim.

  1. Congratulations Rodwell for winning the South African Open 2012, ahead of such a strong contingent.

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