Xtreme Chess! Get Ready!

FM Kassa Korley with hostess Kacie Marie.
Photo by XChessChamps (Meirom).

Chess has hit “Reality TV” as the Xtreme Chess Championships debuted with eight contestants in a bold experiment to promote an edgy side to chess. According to a press release, the idea was created by film-maker Daniel Meirom and U.S. Chess League founder Greg Shahade, WIM Jennifer Shahade and actress Kacie Marie.

Jonathan Corbblah serves as a commentator along with Jen Shahade. In XChess, the game must end in checkmate and the time bid under 15 minutes. Draws are followed by games of even faster times.

FM Kassa Korley, a Duke freshman, is one of the eight contestants who are all very talented teens. Also on the card is FM Alex Barnett, FM Elliott Liu, WIM Alisa Melkhina, NM Justus Williams, NM Kevin Wang, NM Alena Kats and Candidate Master Shawn Martinez.

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  2. The play definitely was not the best, but I wonder how much of that was due to the cameras rolling. That adds a bit more pressure when you know you are part of a production. No second takes.

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