Detroit CCC runs Motor City!

Detroit City Chess Club

Detroit City Chess Club is continuing to do good works under the leadership of Kevin Fite. The Detroit Institute of Arts is host to the thriving chess community comprised primarily of Elementary School players. Sherman Redden Jr., one of the top scholastic players in the Detroit area, tells how his father made him take up chess after he teased his chess-playing sister for being a “nerd.” Walter Shoulders, a DCCC Board Chairman, gives an overview of the initiative.


  1. I am a true believer in what chess can do for children. My daughter is featured in the interview, Niani. Her life has changed drastically since she was introduced to chess. All for the BETTER! Mr. Fite has transformed my baby into a new person. She cares more about her grades. She has the confidence she needs to excel! She knows she can do it. Before chess and Mr. Fite that was our struggle. Now, I can see the light in her eyes when she is faced with opposition. I can see thinking her way thru. I am proud of her and the chess team. Mr. Fite is the BEST!!!!

  2. I met brother Kevin Fite in Pittsburgh 2 yrs ago; and again at Queen City Classic in Ohio. He is a real person and positive role model for the kids! Good Luck at All Girls Nationals!

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