1st Saturday Budapest invites Africans!

(L-R) Bunmi Olape, László Nagy and Uche Agu at First Saturday in Budapest, Hungary. Photo by László Nagy, www.firstsaturday.hu.

László Nagy of Hungary told The Chess Drum about possible opportunities for African players to earn IM/GM norms in their now-famous “First Saturday” tournament series. This tournaments have been a popular stopping point for aspiring players.

However, he added that the Hungarian organization is looking for sponsors to held fund this initiative. Given that African players have few chances to play in norm tournaments, this may be a worthwhile project to help increase the level of play throughout the continent.

Bunmi Olape and Uche Agu are currently playing in the First Saturday tournaments with Olape battling in the GM tournament and Agu in the unrated FM-tournament. He told Daaim Shabazz:

The main idea is to bring as many African players as possible to Budapest, to play in the monthly GM-IM-FM tournaments. These First Saturday Budapest events give possibility for the chess developing countries’ people to play for the norms and the ELO rating. (Mainly from Africa).

With other developing federations improving, it is now time to see African players and those of African descent to begin making a presence on the international scene. With the Nigerians playing, it may mark the beginning of a trend for African players. Interested parties can contact Mr. Nagy at the following information below.

László Nagy
International chess organizer,
member of the FIDE organizers’ committee,
Possible in the website online chat also…
Mobile phone: +(36)-30-230-19-14
Office phone from 12:00 (noon) until 22:00 hour Central
European Time: +(36)-1-263-28-59
E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net


  1. This is definitely a nice idea! I’ve not been too active on the international scene but one thing I know for sure is that such opportunities are worth taking up. I therefore urge all Africans to take a step forward and try this out. If it is not as good as it seems we can always go back into our normal ways of living…you know what I mean!?

  2. This is a welcome development.Junior players would benefit much more if it is accompanied by coaching for about six months to a year in Budapest.Will try to get my Federation to look in to it(Botswana Chess Federation).

  3. Hello every body :

    I am ready to teach chess to those who come and play in the great first saturday tournament , I am an International chess master professional chess coach since 17 Years , please google my name to know more about my chess achievements as a coach and as player .

    Budapest is a great City for life and chess , I live in it and I have trained many chess players , my Rating now is 2334 , best was 2403 I am ready to teach any player from non rated to 2200 , also I can be a second for a strong players above 2200 till 2400 .

    Please contact me or Mr.Laszlo if you have any question .

    Best regards, IM Satea Husari.

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