Happy Birthday! The Chess Drum is 9!

Another year has elapsed. How time goes! The Chess Drum has now been in existence for nine years and has since served as the primary reservoir for content featuring players of African descent. Of course, the site also covers important event and has a worldwide audience in over 200 countries and territories with over 8,000 pages.

There are so many reputable chess websites on the Internet and the goal of The Chess Drum is to cater to a unique segment that would otherwise go overlooked. If the FIDE motto “GENS UNA SUMUS” means anything, all nations should feel that they are a part of a larger community and not isolated. This site hopes to continue providing a voice to smaller nations as well as informing the general audience of international chess news and important events.

Thanks to all fellow webmasters, journalists and chess enthusiasts who have linked to or referred to content on the site. Thanks to all who have provided tips and contributed stories. Thanks to those who have mentioned The Chess Drum to a friend. As the beating of the drum continues on, it is my hope that this site continues to inform, inspire and educate.


Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum


  1. Congratulations brother Shabazz on your amazing vision – The Chess Drum, You even got the “name on that cake.” Peace.

  2. Lionel,

    That cake was given to me years ago by a wonderful lady who was a chess organizer and master baker. At that point, I had never met her and she surprised me. It was the best cake I ever had in my life. It was vegan too!

  3. Hello Daaim,

    Congrads to you on the Chessdrum celebrating 9 years! It is because of the commitment of people like yourself that provide a platform for developing chess countries like The Bahamas to learn from what is being done in similar jurisdictions.

    We are delighted to be part of the International Chess Community and hope that we can make our contribution to the advancement of the game and of our players.

    We are still hoping to have you participate in one of our rated events sometime in the near future.

    All the best from The Bahamas Chess Federation for 2010 and please keep the beat going!

    Kean A. Smith
    Bahamas Chess Federation

  4. Dear Shabazz.
    Many congratulations on your eforts to cover chess where ever it is.
    I hope you remeber me from Dresden. I was representing ANGOLA.
    We are trying contact with you to come to Angola when we organize OPEN CUCA INTERNATIONAL.
    Last year was won by Amon Simutowe and it would be glad if you visit us on that time

    Pais Pinto

  5. Yes… I remember you from the African Congress meeting. Can you send me the details? It may be difficult to play if the tournament is in April. My university is still in session until May 1st.

  6. The chessdrum.net has been a source of inspiration. Without this site, people would have no idea of achievers of African/Caribbean/Pacific heritage in the royal game. The biggest websites in chess focus on a small core of super GMs, and give the game an exclusive appearance. The chessdrum.net is an inclusive website which celebrates achievement and points out areas for improvement.

    Its important to have this in an unbalanced ches sworld with such an asymmetry in information and acces to the best tournaments. It is sad to notice that the biggest tournaments are missed by Africa’s best. With time this can improve.All the best!!

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