Korley at U.S. Chess School!

Kassa Korley

IM Greg Shahade told The Chess Drum that National Master Kassa Korley is part of the training by the “U.S. Chess School,” an initiative to help the nation’s juniors refine their skills. The camp is taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona and it will last from January 1st-5th. U.S. Champion Yury Shulman will conduct the workshop.

This initiative was founded by Shahade, who is more known to the chess world for his blitz, poker and his highly-successful chess league. He was a one-time Sanford Fellow for promising players, but it appears he has decided to put energy in helping to build a competitive atmosphere in U.S. chess. In a few years, he may see his innovative ideas bear fruit.

The list of participants are:

1. Darwin Yang, 11 years old, 2299 USCF (Texas)
2. Conrad Holt, 15 years old, 2275 USCF (Kansas)
3. Steven Zierk, 15 years old, 2258 USCF (California)
4. Gregory Young, 13 years old, 2249 USCF (California)
5. Kassa Korley, 15 years old, 2228 USCF (New York)
6. Andrew Ng, 14 years old, 2185 USCF (New Jersey)
7. David Adelberg, 11 years old, 2031 USCF (Arizona)
8. Luke Harmon, 9 years old, 1973 USCF (Idaho)

Source: https://www.uschessschool.com/

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