WCC 2008: Anand powers ahead of Kramnik!

2008 World Chess Championship (Bonn, Germany)

Viswanathan Anand is known as the ‘Tiger from Chennai’. On Friday he showed his strength after he took the lead in a highly anticipated match with former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Game three featured a complicated Meran variation in which Anand unfurled a novelty in 14…Bb7! This pawn sacrifice helped Anand gain fluidity in the position. This was a departure for what fans feared would be a series of dull games in the beginning. However, this game never had such a moment.

Viswanathan Anand focuses in game three. Photo by Frederic Friedel.

Viswanathan Anand focuses in game three.
Photo by Frederic Friedel.

Kramnik’s 19.Nxd4!? muddied the waters and produced spectacular complications in which ended being favorable for black. Anand was up an entire hour during the match, but that lead melted away when Kramnik started to create nasty threats on the seventh rank. Anand returned the piece and was down two pawns, but his pieces were active and Kramnik’s king has no cover. Pressed for time, Kramnik made some crucial mistakes included the final with 33.Bd3?? when Anand pounced him with a finishing attack.

With Kramnik falling behind 2-1, he can take comfort in knowing that he is not in a “must-win” situation. With nine matches to go, Team Kramnik will have to solve yet another issues… meeting Anand’s unexpected 1.d4. They will have another chance in game #4.

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