Simutowe Marches On!

Amon Simutowe on the prowl at the 2007 Simulans International. Photo by Fred Lucas.

Amon Simutowe earned his last required norm at the Stimulans tournament last year. He has recently added an extra norm in Italy after scoring 6.5/9 at the Riviera dei Cedri tournament. He scored 2.5/3 from three Grandmasters and played five players over 2500. His performance rating was 2570.

The “Zambezi Shark” feels that his play is sharpening and hopes to close the lid on the rating requirement. There is common wisdom that says if you need rating points to earn a FIDE title, pretend as if you still need norms. That way you are showing that you are worthy and the points will come naturally. There is no doubt that Simutowe is headed in the right direction.

Here are two games from the event against two of the GMs.

Simutowe (Zambia, 2458) – GM Nikita Maiorov (Belarus, 2535), 1-0
GM Igor Naumkin (Russia, 2502) – Simutowe (Zambia, 2458), 0-1

Official Standings


  1. Amon, great stuff! Continue to “slew” them as the Jamaican DJ Capelton would chant. Daaim, keep up the great work.

    Ian Wilkinson,

  2. Capleton… “slew dem.” Classic tune! I still remember Amon speaking patois in Jamaica… hilarious! We had a great time and I look forward to coming to Jamdown again soon.

    I hope to see you and the Reggae Boyz in Dresden!

  3. Does it mean the Zambian shark has done it all that is required to clinch his deserved title? It was a great display that he has showed against those GMs.

  4. Hello amon go on africans are at your back and the entire nigerians chess players is saying go carryon

  5. Gm-elect simutowe, a wonderful performance at the Olympics may help him go towards the rating requirement a bit………..depending on his opponents… far as i am concerned HE IS A GM – the rest is pure academic exercise to confirm him!!

  6. i meant the Olympiad…….i remember GM maurice Ashley saying It is very difficult to improve when you hit the strong circle but i think this Zambian wizard has got the determination and the skills and also the fighting spirit vital ingredients of success……….he has penetrated the inner chess shrine and as he gets to the climax in this chess orgasm i wish him all the best in all future tournaments!!
    – Chessguru Opeyemi Akinseye ) Nigeria

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