Day: August 12, 2008

  • Tournaments

    Three-way tie at 2008 U.S. Open

    The U.S. Open was severely depleted with only two Grandmasters and a handful of IMs in perhaps the most drastic shortfall in recent memory. Formerly the marquis tournament in America, the tournament small prize fund has encouraged strongest players to look elsewhere for greener pastures and stronger competition. However, the…

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  • Sri Lanka opens Karpov CC!

    Anatoly Karpov Chess Club, Sri Lanka During the 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvia, Spain, I met the Sri Lankan national women’s team. They primarily consisted of school girls, but they were charming with such bright smiles. I also met the team captain Dr. Vineetha Wijesuriya who told me about the…

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  • Chess Life Interview with Nakamura

    Very interesting interview by Macauley Peterson of GM Hikaru Nakamura! He discusses his new approach to chess and his evolution as a player flirting with 2700. Nakamura is one of the more interesting interview subjects. He answers the questions fully, articulates well and allows the interviewer flexibility to ask unscripted…

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