2008 World Open Information Center

Following is a selection of World Open resources. For games, you can go to monroi.com or use the PGN file below. If you have any other sources that may be useful, please post here. Next year’s World Open will return to the Sheraton. Be there!

2008 World Open

The Chess Drum (Daaim Shabazz)
2008 World Open (Philadelphia, USA)
2008 World Open: Indians at World Open!
2008 World Open: Najer leads four-way tie at World Open!
2008 World Open: The Chess Drum was in the Building!
2008 World Open: Drum Majors battle a World Open!

Upsets Kick Off World Open (Jonathan Hilton)
World Open Heating Up (WIM Jennifer Shahade)
Ftacnik and Negi Lead (WIM Jennifer Shahade)
A Bang at the World Open (Jonathan Hilton)
Najer Wins title; Four Split Grand Prize  (WIM Jennifer Shahade)
Endgame Joy in Philly (FM Todd Andrews)
World Open Reflections (GM Michael Rohde)

Video Coverage
2nd Half Coverage (Vijay Kumar)
Evgeny Najer vs. Parimarjan Negi (Zeljka Malobabic)
Evgeny Najer vs. Parimarjan Negi (Daaim Shabazz)
Post-Tournament Wrap-up (Macauley Peterson)

WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy vs. IM Oladapo Adu (Daaim Shabazz)

Audio Interviews (Daaim Shabazz)
Interview: GM Parimarjan Negi (audio – 4:50 minutes)
Interview: Vijay Kumar (audio – 10:26 minutes)

(Main Coverage)

Chess Tour

(PGN Games)

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