Tate, Carlsson in Spain?

IM Emory Tate

IM Emory Tate told me an e-mail that he is scheduled to play in Spain. What is interesting is that GM Pontus Carlsson will be playing at the same tournament in Spain soon. I got this comment from Tate:

“You know this guy? lol. This will be the first tournament we play together, unless he visited a World Open before his title. Be that as it may. Time to beat the drum. Send a message, a warning, even. Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

Sabrina Chevannes

Carlsson recently played in the Four Nations Cup in Oslo, Norway and has stated that WFM Sabrina Chevannes was playing for England. Chevannes, who is currently a medical student, dominated play as a junior in England winning the UK Girls three years in a row. She also won the under-13 British Championship and practically every girl’s title. Chevannes will make her Olympiad debut in Dresden, Germany in November.

The Four Nations Cup is an Olympiad training tournament featuring Sweden, Norway, Latvia and England. Below is Carlsson at the Four Nations Cup playing IM Espen Lie of Norway. The Dresden Olympiad will be Carlsson’s second Olympiad and he is rounding into good form. He earned his GM title last year and should now be well into the 2500s after a strong performance in Corus “C”. He has also expressed strong interest in making his U.S. debut in the June and July. Stay tuned for updates!

GM Pontus Carlsson vs. IM Espen Lie

GM Pontus Carlsson vs. IM Espen Lie


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