Peace Flags… Kenya

Alex Makatia and Issac Babu Odiah (both of Kenya) at 2004 Chess Olympiad (Mallorca, Spain).

Alex Makatia and Issac Babu Odiah (both of Kenya)
at 2004 Chess Olympiad (Mallorca, Spain). Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

As you all know, the country of Kenya is gripped in a tragic crisis. While not going into specific details, the nation is literally being torn asunder. Kenya, one of Africa’s most stable economies, has taken a turn for the worse.

I met several Kenyan chess players at the 2004 and 2006 Chess Olympiads and they were enthusiatic and filled with hope. Two years later, many of them are experiencing pain they could not have imagined. Africa has experienced her share of wars in past and present. When will the pain and suffering end? Keep the hope!

The greatest war is often within one’s self.

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  1. This message below was posted a few weeks ago by Edward Korir of Kenya’s Chess Blog. This comes in the Aftermath of the peace agreement between Kibaki and Odinga.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    AM BACK!

    After 3 months ‘sabatical’ am back to blogging. Alot has happened in those 3 months in kenya; elections, violence, negotiations and much more. I was deeply involved in the security situation in kenya and could not find time to blog. But at least now normalcy has returned and blogging can continue.

    chess has continued in kenya with checkmates club still operational. My Burnt Forest chess club was razed to the ground in the epicentre of the violence.

    But at least now all is back to normal and blogging will continue.

    Posted by Edwin Korir at 11:58 AM

    I helped to hope a contingent of Kenyans at a development conference and they are full of hope. In fact, one of my colleagues Barack Obonya has started the Kenyan Development Fund to jumpstart ambitious plans.

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