Tactics Laboratory #9

Lightning Tactics from Thin Air

Black to move and win!

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  1. 1st glance: 1. .. Be1+ 2. Kg2 or h2 loses much material after Qf2+
    if 2. Kg4 Nf6+ 3. gf6 h5+ 4. Kg5 Bh4+ 5. Nh4 Qg3+
    6. Kh6 Qf4 mate or 5. Kxh4 Qxf4 mate, 5. Kh6 Qxf4 mate

    Also interesting is 1…b3 which seems equally indefensible..without
    the direct mate threats of course.

    Well, thats all I can give now, gotta run,

    Peace chess brothers and sisters…


  2. Nice Kimani!

    Hey… you didn’t include the mates surrounding 2.Kg2 (2.Kh2 Qf2+ transposes) 2…Qf2+ 3.Kh1 Qxf3+ 4.Kh2 Bg3+ 5.Kg1 Qf2+ 6.Kh1 Qh2#.

    The beautiful thing is that you could also play 1…Be1 2.Kg4 Nh6+! 3.gxh6 f5+ 4.Kg5 Bh4+! etc. (Nh6+ f5+ mirrors Nf6+ h5+)

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