Simutowe @ NJ Futurity International

Amon Simutowe is currently playing in the New Jersey Grandmaster Futurity International which runs from July 7-11 at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel. The Zambian International Master will battle against nine other hopefuls including four Grandmasters. He has good chances for the 3rd norm.


GM Sergey Erenburg (2565 FIDE)
GM Leonid Yudasin (2550 FIDE)
GM Megesh Panchanathan (2486 FIDE)
GM Gennadi Zaitshik (not in FIDE database, 2515 USCF)
IM Amon Simutowe (2421 FIDE)
IM Dean Ippolito (2395 FIDE)
IM Mikhail Zlotnikov (2367 FIDE)
FM Thomas Bartell (2398 FIDE)
MacKenzie Molner (20-years old, 2293 FIDE)
Evan Ju (15-year old U.S. Cadet Champion, 2173 FIDE)



NJ Futurity International, July 7-11, 2007
G/90 + 30 seconds per move

ROUND ONE, 7/7, 3pm
Zlotnikov-Simutowe, ½-½
Panchanathan-Erenburg, ½-½
Ju-Ippolito, 1-0
Yudasin-Zaitchik, ½-½

ROUND TWO, 7/8, 10am
Simutowe-Zaitchik, 0-1
Bartell-Yudasin, ½-½
Ippolito-Molner, 1-0

ROUND THREE, 7/8, 4pm
Panchanathan-Simutowe, 0-1
Ju-Zlotnikov, 1-0
Yudasin-Ippolito, 1-0

ROUND FOUR, 7/9, 10am
Simutowe-Bartell, 1-0
Ippolito-Zaitchik, ½-½
Erenburg-Yudasin, ½-½
Zlotnikov-Molner, 0-1
Panchanathan-Ju, 1-0

ROUND FIVE, 7/9, 4pm
Ju-Simutowe, 0-1
Molner-Panchanathan, 0-1
Yudasin-Zlotnikov, 1-0
Zaitchik-Erenburg, 0-1
Bartell-Ippolito, ½-½

ROUND SIX, 7/10, 10am
Simutowe-Ippolito, 1-0
Erenburg-Bartell, 1-0
Zlotnikov-Zaitchik, 1-0
Panchanathan-Yudasin, ½-½
Ju-Molner, 1-0

ROUND SEVEN, 7/10, 4pm
Molner-Simutowe, 1-0
Yudasin-Ju, 1-0
Zaitchik-Panchanathan, 1-0
Bartell-Zlotnikov, ½-½
Ippolito-Erenburg, ½-½

ROUND EIGHT, 7/11, 10am
Simutowe-Erenburg, 0-1
Zlotnikov-Ippolito, ½-½
Panchanathan-Bartell, 0-1
Ju-Zaitchik, 1-0
Molner-Yudasin, ½-½

ROUND NINE, 7/11, 4pm
Yudasin-Simutowe, ½-½
Zaitchik-Molner, ½-½
Bartell-Ju, 1-0
Ippolito-Panchanathan, ½-½
Erenburg-Zlotnikov, 1-0

New Jersey State Chess Association results here. Full Drum Report and crosstable here.


  1. It is nice to see such tournaments becoming common place. I only wish that there was a board set up to play out the games online.

  2. Don’t worry a java board is coming! I don’t believe the games are being transmitted live, but I will have a link to java board to play over the games for each round. I also will make the link accessible from the crosstable found on the main coverage page. Since there are only five games, I’ll have all within the same file.

    Still working on World Open stuff. 😐

  3. Amon Simutowe has rebounded with two wins to match the two losses suffered early. Magesh Panchanathan is threatening to run away with the tournament.

    Here are the standings after round five:

    Panchanathan, 4-1; Yudasin, 3½-1½; Erenburg, 3-2; Zaitshik, 2½-2½; Simutowe, Ju, 2½-2½; Molner, Bartell, Ippolito, 2-3; Zlotinikov, 1-4

  4. Sergey Erenburg won with an undefeated +4 after a late surge (and Panchanathan’s faltering). Leonid Yudasin was the only other undefeated player and ended on 6-3. U.S. Cadet Champion Evan Ju had a good tournament (4½-4½) and even won an upset prize for beating Gennadi ZaitchikAmon Simutowe ended with only ½-points in the last three rounds to finish 4-5. Simutowe stated that he was tired after the World Open and after losing two of his first three games, stated that he may need a break. He won his next three games, but could not maintain the momentum.

    Here are the final standings:

    Erenburg, 6½-2½; Yudasin, 6-3; Panchanathan, 5-4; Ju, Bartell, 4½-4½; Zaitchik, Molner, Simutowe, 4-5; Ippolito, 3½-5½; Zlotinikov, 3-6

    New Jersey Chess Association has final commentary.

  5. Hi Amon,

    You’re too young to have a break. Are you planning to play in the Miami International? Is so, I need a room mate.

    Peace, Glenn.

    p.s. Daaim, how can we post on your site, “looking for a room”

    thanks, Glenn

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