Month: November 2003

  • Simutowe in Nigeria!

    My Trip to Nigeria by IM Amon Simutowe IM Amon Simutowe I have developed great interest in what really makes chess players perform well. Our Chess Program is headed by Dr. Tim Redman. He insists on good diet and physical exercise as the best factors to improve our performance. He…

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  • Historic Moments: Country Spotlight… Martinique

    When one thinks of chess in the Caribbean, perhaps only the English-speaking countries come to mind. Of course, Cuba is by far the strongest chess nation in the Caribbean, but most seem to forget due to the strong affiliation to Latin America. The Dutch-speaking Caribbean territory has been active in…

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  • Black Women in American Chess

    When abolitionist Sojourner Truth stated, “Ain’t I a Woman,” some regard that as the most definitive statement for affirming the pride and dignity that women have always possessed. From the womb of the Black woman has sprouted an entire civilization and the intrigue with which others hold her is testament…

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