Cannon Farragut… Tampa’s ray of sunshine

In various forms of chess, a cannon is an integral part of showing force and Tampa’s Cannon Farragut is showing his force of talent. Cannon is amongst the top 50 list among 12-year-olds and one of the state’s top juniors.

Cannon learned the moves as a four-year-old after stumbling across a chess app on a laptop his father bought him. The years following bought joy and pain, with tears from both. Losses were particularly hard on Cannon in the beginning, but successes against adults gave him more confidence and it began to translate into wins. He won the under-1800 prize at the 2018 Florida State Championship and ended up on the front page of the local newspaper.

Florida is a very long state from north to south taking eight hours, but the Farragut family lives in Tampa which is in the middle along the west coast. This affords him an opportunity to cover tournaments held throughout the state. Currently, rated 2035, he ranks 3rd in the state of Florida among 12-year-olds while nationwide he is 28th. Hopefully, Cannon Farragut will power his way to the Master’s title.

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