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MC3 is beginning to ramp up its media machine as the revamped format is in full blast. The registration will begin on April 1st. Excitement for the new format has been bolstered by recent announcement by the MC team on changes in the format. One change that has been already announced is the reduced prize fund of $510,000 of which 60% is guaranteed. The amount came after long deliberation of whether to hold another event in 2016. On the revamped MC website (launched on March 15th) the following details were posted…


  1. We’ve moved to Atlantic City to take advantage of the much higher representation of chess players along the eastern seaboard.
  2. After taking a poll of our players, we are distributing prizes down to 40 places, up from 20 last year.
  3. Using the same poll results, we are returning the time control of all sections back to 40/120, SD/30 and d/5.
  4. We are introducing the Redemption Jackpot, where players with a 50% or worse score after 4 rounds will be able to vie for a new prize based solely on the result of their last three games.
  5. We are introducing a Dream Maker Satellite Series that will give players the world over the opportunity to win a slot in our event by playing in a tournament in their local area.
  6. We have automated the entire registration process to reduce any confusion about ratings and sections.
  7. We have removed Unrated and Provisionally rated players from all sections except the Open.
  8. We completely removed the Unrated section from last year.
  9. We’ve extended the minimum number of rated games required to participate in our event from 50 to 60.
  10. We have changed the registration schedule in order to make it easier to better screen all players who have entered the event.

With the reduction of the prize fund will bring a reduction in the entry fee to $549, with an early bird discount of $499. Fortunately, the time control will go back to the 40/2 SD/30 (rather than 40/90) and the prize structure has been revamped with prizes up to 40 places. There will also be an “MC Dream Maker” feature, a satellite series to encourage participation by chess clubs around the country.

According to information on the main website,

In pursuit of the tournament’s goal of further democratizing competitive chess, the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open will feature two new initiatives intended to facilitate the inclusion of as many players as possible. First, the tournament’s entrance fee has been halved from $1,000 to $549. Secondly, the introduction of the Dream Maker Satellite Series, which launches March 14, 2016 will give any chess club the opportunity to host its own “mini-tournament.” Every player who emerges victorious in one of these tournaments will win a seat into the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open.

The ideas keep coming as both Maurice and Amy try to find the right formula by which chess can become marketable to the masses. The relocation to Atlantic City will position the tournament in the heart of largest chess-playing population. “Our primary objective with this move was to ease access for east coast players,” stated Amy Lee, a partner in Millionaire Chess. “Research shows that Atlantic City is not only closer to a larger portion of chess competitors, it also offers greater transportation options.”


Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

The 2016 Millionaire Chess Open

Thursday, October 6th through Monday, October 11th 2016


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  1. Progress occurs after, inter alia, serious introspection, proper analysis (of data/information), taking the suggestions of stakeholders into account and making the necessary adjustments.

    Congratulations organizers on what appear to be very good decisions/improvements! These changes should improve the brand and help to take chess to another level!

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