2009 World Cup begins today!

The World Cup will kick off today with the Opening Ceremonies. A total of 128 players from more than 40 countries are vying for spots in the next World Championship cycle. The players were qualified by:

World Champion and 4 semi-finalists of World Cup 2007, World Champion from Women’s Championship, World Junior Champion, 20 rating players, 90 players from Continental Championships (46 – Europe, 19 – North and South America, 19 – Asia, 6 – Africa), 6 nominees from FIDE President and 4 nominees from the Organizing Committee.

Viswanathan Anand and Gata Kamsky will most likely not participate because they have already qualified. (Update: Kamsky is playing!) The tournament will be in the knock-out format for the stakes of US$1.6million. The closing ceremonies will take place on December 15th.

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  1. Opening Ceremony of 2009 World Cup

    The Opening Ceremony of the III World Cup 2009 took place in the House of Culture “Oktyabr” on 20 November in Khanty Mansiysk.

    The governor of Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Alexander Filipenko and the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov warmly welcomed the participants of the World Cup 2009. Alexander Zhukov called Khanty Mansiysk one of the chess capitals in Russia.

    • New beautiful chess palaces will be constructed by the start of the Chess Olympiad in 2010, – said the Vice Prime Minister. – In particular, the construction of one of the best chess palace of Russia, to my mind, will be finished.

      In his speech, Alexander Zhukov also expressed his hope that chess fans would learn new chess names during this tournament.

    • In any case, I am sure that this year World Cup and the coming World Chess Olympiad in 2010 will do a lot to develop chess in Yugra. This also will positively influence the chess development in Russia and all over the world in general.

    Both speakers wished to all the participants of the World Cup good luck, fair and uncompromised games. Alexander Filipenko declared the World Cup opened.

    The Chief Arbiter of the Cup Ashot Vardapetian held the drawing of colors. The top seeded GM Boris Gelfand was requested to choose one of the two boxes. Grandmaster chose the box with white king which means that all the participants with odd number will start the first round with white.

    After the official part the art groups of Yugra region showed some performance: young club “Druzhba” with its chess fashion show “Yugra chess”, young and talented designers from Nyagany Elena Goncharova and Elena Chernysh, Ob-yugorsk theatre “Solnze”, etc.

    Source: https://www.ugra-chess.ru/eng/main_e.htm

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