Ashley in action at Marshall!

GM Maurice Ashley playing
in Jamaica in 2007.

Maurice Ashley has taken a lengthy break from professional chess since 2003 and is slowly working his way back into playing shape. The Brooklyn-based Grandmaster told The Chess Drum last month that he was back! Since then he has played in three rapid tournaments at the prestigious Marshall Chess Club.

While the famous Grandmaster has been playing on the ICC, he hopes to work his way back into the form he had before he went on a self-imposed hiatus. He had just won the 2003 Foxwoods before embarking on a number of projects including his book, “Chess for Success.” He has also been working with a number of New York-based juniors. Stay tuned!


  1. Ubuntu. Good to see you back in competition Mo, your presence in theses events should provide great confidence in our up and coming players. I recall back in 95 before the Vishy-Garry match you said Anand could analyze better and faster than Garry and therefore he is stronger, well as it turned out Garry won, but after a study of the games it became clear that his victory was based on a greater affinity towards the eurocentric ideas in chess. After i met Bobby on the icc and spoke of our science he made a public statement saying “Garry is the best at the old chess”, funny guy he was actually,they thought that was in reference to his fischerandom,but i told Bobby whats the point of shuffling the pieces on the back row ,when you are the only guy who really understand the intial position and we are at least 100 years away from catching up to you.Now they want to add this EGM stuff because the russians are getting beat by India and China and they know the Africans have got the science, now, we just need a little practice to finish them off , they thought they were doing something sneaky on Icc working with the Um concept that was put out there, but brother Shabazz exposed them for all the world to see.Whats really funny is that’s not nearlly the strongest ideas we have and they losing to that! They thought they were just gunna steal something and get away with it , i just saw a game where one of their younger russians played rb1 nc2 with b4 and crushed somebody with it. As for Naka and Carlsen we will forgive you 2 guys cuz your still under 21 so we give you an “Excuse Card” but let this be a lesson, dont underestimate us like your predecessors have done. So its clear to them we will have many African gms now and they wanna add a title to give themselves greater value so they can exclude us when they have the chance. Im willing to go out on a limb now and suggest that the russians wont even medal at all in 2012!!! I see fide is currently discussing this draw rule,perhaps someone can correct me on this but i believe Maurice is the first person to come up with this new draw rule – no offer before move 30,so he should be given credit for this if im not mistaken. Peace – We Have The Science!!!

  2. Lionel,

    None of this means anything if we are not active in all phases of chess. These discussions are fine for philosophical debates, but one way to prove ourselves is by competing at high levels. We can certainly invent our own theories, but we have to produce results. China and India have done so because they have put action behind what they are doing.

  3. Lionel,

    You’re also right that no sources give proper credit to Maurice Ashley as the “Father of the Sophia Rule”. He was the pioneer to set this rule in place, but of course just because you are an inventor of something doesn’t mean you’ll get credit. Look at all the openings and novelties created by non-professionals, but were named by GMs because they introduced it in a high-level tournament. I may do an article on Ashley’s initiative because people typically don’t know. I believe his absence from the tournament scene has made people less than honest about the origins. Of course there are various version of the “no-draw” rule, but Ashley was clearly one of the most outspoken activists.

  4. Well thanks for your input on theses issues brother Shabazz but we have already made our impact on the highest levels, you simply have to go to chessbase and follow some of their games and you will see the respect they now have for our knight idea to e6 or e3 . The fide president is starting to make the first move 1e4 and now for the first time in their history he actually played e5! as well,also if you go to the english website you will see they have a book out called “the lion” (lionel) where all the games in this book are looked at from blacks point of view. Now they want to pretend as if this is their idea, something unique to them when in reality they simply came to our website and found out how restricted their science is.This is what they did to Maurice when he gave the world a unique idea they waited a while until people forgot about it then they went into a room in Sophia i guess and began pretending as if they came up with this draw rule themselves and now history will not be given credit to the African people even though its our idea.Perhaps you are right about playing them brother Shabazz , in their caucasian controlled events and beat their top players so i will start playing in some of theses N.Y. events in January 2009 and will be using the African Chess Technology against their science, to be honest with you there is not much difference between a master and a “top gm” since their using the same busted ideas, many of which they inherited from their predecessors.Just yesterday i corresponded to the U.S.C.F. about some of the rules they have in their book because ive noticed when they start getting beat they began to use tournament directors to manipulate situations during tournaments, ive studied all their nonsense and the many controversies they had particularly at the World Open. Oh and one more thing now that we are on Bill Goicheberg and the U.S.C.F. if you go to pg.15 of the Dec. issue of chess life under ChessPower 3 items to the right you will see a chessbag with a loop on the bottom for the board that is an Afrocentric idea i came up with back in the 80s when goicheberg was holding tournaments here in buffalo ny i still have the first bag made of cloth, i see theses Ultramodern Bags all over the place you may have one in your house right now! The way theses european people do things you would think they actually came up with it themselves this is why im taking time with our science to ensure they dont use it and not give our people our credit from a historical perspective. They couldnt deny Maurice when he met their gm requirements but when it came time to give him his due on the draw issue look what they do. Peace and Thank You

  5. Right, but none of us have really created any new ideas in recent times. Even current technologies are based off of old theoretical concepts. The Internet itself is built from an old point-to-point concept seen in many ancient communication media. Of course, computing machines have advanced from their primitive calculating and transmission functions.

    I’m not as concerned about whether people are using advanced theories created by Africans as I am concerned about why Africans are not applying these advanced theories and getting results. If we are creating these theories that you are mentioning and are not at the top of the sport, then the creator is to blame.

  6. Brother Shabazz you make a good point in terms of competitive success in rated tournaments so we will compete with them in the initial form of Lionel Davis and defeat them starting January 2009 ,with the simple idea of exposing the dubious concept that they have any sort of intellectual advantages, but you will see when this occurs they will began to change rules and manipulate conditions so i will be forced to take them to the courts of the United States and all the way to Obama if necessary.I would also like to make an amendment to my previous blog , because the fact of the matter is Maurice and Simitowe have already beaten the top players in the world when they made gm so i now offer my apologies to them. If you are refering to the 2700+ players where they want to give a fake egm title, then im willing to go over seas and do somethings to them as well but they are aware of their own vulnerabilities,as a matter of fact after topolov played 13 h3 this guy svidler blundered immediately with be8 so its very questionable how “elite” they actually are particularly when they dont have kasparov to give them half the moves, now theses europeans havent put out their analysis on this game yet so lets see what they got to say concerning this. The ultramodernist is not on the Icc so they dont get any practice with our science anymore. strange stuff huh? You know its often said our farther moves in mysterious ways but its only a mystery to thoses who dont know him like some of theses so called intellectuals, many of theses russians must feel kinda silly right now, they actually thought that when Bobby passed they were going to get a free ride now its gotten worse, here you got some black dude from the hood of all places ,kickin their backsides,while they were focused in on Maurice our African Chess King, here some guy done snuck in through the back door just like many of our ancestors have done and they had no idea we were here! Apparently this science is a bit of an X factor but i suspect you already know that or this site wouldnt be here. My brothers allow a bit of fun here, you know ive been dealin with theses guys for 10 years now: hey Morozevich , Ivanchuck , Svidler, nige short how am i doing? not yet? ok ill ask you that again later, anyway, pavel blatny its your time, i havent forgot about you and td ron lohrman in rochester lets see if he can help you now, my apologies brothers but this is personal !!! Peace.

  7. no draw offer b4 30 moves is a stupid rule,Draws are part of chess,Chess would neva be Chess if a draw did not exist,Lionel which top players in the world has Simutowe beaten?

  8. Darren,

    Your argument has been made and it is a very contentious issue. You have had many proposals to end the epidemic of 12-moves draws (which is not in the spirit of chess) including a different point system. I don’t believe anyone would deny that a hard-fought 30-move draw is fine, but when four boards agree to pre-arranged draws in less than 15 moves, then it become unsportsmanlike.

    Who has Simutowe beaten? Besides having a plus score against former top-ten player Leonid Yudasin, the latest top player he has beaten is Nakamura. This win was very convincing.

  9. and as we approach 2009,a 2007 win seems latest ?? 😳 and if we laud the beating of Old Yudasin then i’m not surprised we can applaud GM “norms” attained by beating the likes of Oscar Panno,Gaprindashvilli and Olafsson :mrgreen:.One cannot be seen frolocking with hookers at every tournament including Olympiad and still expect to get over 2500 Elo.

  10. That 2007 win was one year ago… 1yr, 4mos. Yep… an old Yudasin, but Yudasin nevertheless. That’s like saying Nakamura beating Karpov wasn’t a big deal. Yudasin is still quite strong and well-respected. Of course his best days have come and gone. Simutowe has beaten other GMs since 2007, but whatever I post, you’ll find something wrong. I’m sure you’d even find a way to discount Watu Kobese’s wins over Leko and Polgar.

  11. Maurice Ashley had some good years around 1995 ,decent games against the likes of Salov ,Daaim,any feedback/results from the Marshal rapids ??

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