Gamecast: Adu vs. Ramaswamy!

Nigeria’s IM Oladapo Adu is featured on gamecast video analyzing his game with India WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy. The game comes out of a classic battle in the Sicilian where black is able to play instructively on the dark squares.

Watch gamecast!


  1. …..h5 by Adu is dubious .As he rightly pointed Qf2 is strong after h5,it becomes uncomfortable for black ,he has to play either Nd7 or Bd8 .

    Play might continue ………
    ……h5 14. Qf2 Bd8 15. h3 h4 (15… Rc8 16. Nd2 Nd7 17. Nc4) 16. f5 Ne5 17. Nd4 Qd7
    18. Bg5)

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