Anand wins Chess Oscar!

Chess Oscar

Viswanathan Anand has won his fifth Oscar for the 2007 year after scoring a double crown of the World Champion and the world’s #1-rated player. The personable India Grandmaster will face rival Vladimir Kramnik in the qualifying match for the world title. Gata Kamsky will face Veselin Topalov in the other qualifier.

Any combination will prove to be an exciting matchup and a Kramnik-Topalov will cause the chess world to relive memories of “Toiletgate.” Kramnik-Kamsky will have the least appeal (to the chess world and sponsors) given the throwback to the old Soviet “K vs. K” matches.

Most of the top players were nominated and in the coming years, we will no doubt see some new faces.

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  1. i cannot think of a better person or chess player who deserves this award for 2007 bravo anand !!!

    lets see if carlsen is in the running for next year. if he keeps this pace up he will be knocking on the 2800 door real soon!!

  2. … especially in 2007! He’s done everything one could ask. I like the fact that chess is developing more of an international appeal. For too long the game has been dominated by selfish interests. I believe its good that domination of chess is moving away from Europe and improving in countries like China, India, Brazil, Vietnam (two teenage GMs) and Egypt (GM Ahmed Adly, World Junior Champ!!). We are seeing young stars from so many countries now! I believe once more federations from the developing world get involved, chess will be more accessible and not be viewed as a game that only a few people (or of a certain ethnicity) can play.

  3. ‘It will be difficult for Vishy, more difficult for Kramnik’
    Vijay Tagore
    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:40 IST

    Elizbar Ubilava was believed to be the man responsible for Viswanathan Anand’s transformation from a rookie to a world champion. The Georgian-born Spanish Grandmaster was Anand’s second for nearly 10 years. During the period, the Indian maestro won the world championship, the world cup and rose to World No 1 position. Ubilava is now the coach of Indian women’s team. DNA caught up with him at the GM tournament in the city.

    1. How do you analyse Anand as a person, player and a professional?

    He is well organised and disciplined. Mainly, he makes himself. He is a world champion and that speaks for itself. His greatness is his ability to maintain the highest standard for a long time. He is an absolutely exceptional talent.

    The chess players world over respect him. He never looks for any artificial advantage world champions like Karpov tried to obtain at different times. He wants to achieve across the board. He is also a great human being. I was lucky for my association with him. My contribution to his growth, though, is modest.

    2. How did it all start?

    It started in Spain through some common friends. We still stay in the same city in Spain, which is very close to Madrid. Vishy invited me once in 1994.

    We played some rapid games. Then he asked me to join him for the world championship cycle in Hyderabad against Gata Kamsky. We worked for about 10 days before coming to Hyderabad. That was the starting point.

    3. It was not the best start right? Vishy lost to Kamsky 3.5-1.5.

    That’s right. Anand should have won all those five games. But he made errors here and there and then went on to lose it. It was a big setback for the Indian fans but I thought he had a home disadvantage.

    A lot of people would interrupt his preparation, to convey their best wishes. It was not an ideal situation for him. However, our association continued. I took a break in 2001. The last tournament was 2005 Linares.

    4. How do look back at the time you spent with Vishy? Any highpoints that you recall?

    We had fantastic time together travelling all over the world. It is difficult to nominate one or two watershed moments. Probably, the 2000 world championship was a milestone. Then the 2001 World Cup.

    In 1997, he practically won the world championship. It was unjust of Fide to ask Anand to play Karpov after he came though knock-out system in the Netherlands. Two days after winning the knock-out tournament, he had to play Karpov. In the championship match, he made it 3-3 before losing in the additional game.

    It was completely unjust. Karpov was very fresh and Vishy was totally exhausted. He was the best player in the Fide cycle. He proved that by ripping apart Karpov some months later 5.5-.5. But what I would like to stress is that we always tried to do different and new things. In that sense, it was a successful collaboration.

    5. What are the areas you helped him develop?

    Mainly opening. It is a huge, huge area. Today Vishy’s opening range is unbelievable. When we started, his opening repertoire was not as vast. There is a marked improvement in his middle and end games too. He is now a complete player. Psychologically he is very strong. He handles success and failure perfectly.

    6. Ok, how do you rate Vishy of 1994 and 2008?

    Now, he is a 2800 player, the best player in the world. What else one wants? I’m sure he will stay there for some more years. He stabilised himself as the highest level player. When we started, he was 2700 player.

    Source: DNA India

  4. i think that its the other way around it will be harder on anand. but only time will tell

  5. Interesting matchup. I will pick Anand because I want him to cement his place in history. Kramnik seems to have good nerves for matches, but we need change! No… that is not an Obamaism.

  6. lol. i also want anand to win but i think it is beacuse i feel that kramnik should have no rite to a rematch seeing how he ducked kasparov for so many years i want anand to wipe the floor with him and topalov. gata is the underdog, if he can pull some upsets that would be great for the chess world as well

  7. I’ve always liked Gata. One of my favorite games of his is a nice win over Kramnik in 1994. His 25…Re2! is the star move.

    Saying that, the least interesting match to me would be Kamsky and Kramnik… another K vs. K match. 😐 I believe Anand is preparing hard in his match with Kramnik. The most exciting match would be Anand-Topalov; the most intriguing would be Anand-Kamsky; the most controversial would be… guess?? Of course… Kramnik-Topalov for Toiletgate II. Actually any match combination would be great.

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