Topalov uncorks brilliancy at Corus!

Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik prepare for battle!

Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik prepare for battle!
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In the light of the Short-Cheparinov controversy, there was much speculation about the Topalov-Kramnik game at Corus today. Cheparinov lost the delayed game to Short who claimed “moral victory” and smuggly stated, “There is a God and he is not Bulgarian.” Not so fast Nigel!

In prelude to this game, Topalov was motivated to do well since losing his crown to Kramnik in an contentious 2006 match dubbed “Toiletgate.” However, questions remained. Would they shake hands? What would happen if one of them extended his hand? Would there be another incident? Well all of that was quashed when neither player offered his hand. The pre-game meeting was uneventful, but what occurred during the game was pure beauty.

In another wild anti-Meran, Topalov sacrificed a piece and later his queen. Topalov stated that this was prepared by Cheparinov three years ago. So perhaps the Bulgarians had the last word! 🙂

Get some popcorn… sit back and watch this gem!

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  1. Jan Timman played the same line as Topalov, but Ljubojevic played 17…Rhg8 and won. The Yugoslavian Grandmaster was once #3 in the world and is as eloquent ever. Ljubo didn’t see the analysis by Topalov (above), but found his way and put about the Dutch GM in a wild game.

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