Round #11

Ukraine widens lead… Armenia bolts into 3rd!

Key Matches

Ukraine 3-1 Cuba
Russia 2½-1½ USA
Armenia 2½ 1½ Switzerland
Israel 3-1 Azerbaijan
India 3½-½ Canada

The match between the "in-form" Vassily Ivanchuk of the Ukraine and one of the world's fastest rising stars in Lenier Dominguez proves that the Cuban still has another level to eclipse before reaching the world's elite. Ivanchuk outplayed his opponent in a clean fashion. Ruslan Ponomariov has had a rough tournament at board #2, but two of the other three young talents, Andrei Volokitin and Sergey Karjakin are scoring heavily in a reserve role and won their games. Ukraine is the only undefeated team in the tournament and has appeared to secure at least a bronze medal barring a collapse.

The Ukraine’s Vassily Ivanchuk facing off against Cuba’s Lenier Dominguez.

The Ukraine's Vassily Ivanchuk facing off
against Cuba's Lenier Dominguez.

In other action… Russia edged the USA 2½-1½ on the strength of Peter Svidler's win over previously undefeated Alexander Onischuk. Armenia kept on the heels of Russia by beating Switzerland 2½-1½ and in doing so, keep their medal hopes alive. Israel picked up ground by beating Azerbaijan 3-1  and have now moved into 4th position. Rounding out the top five boards, India blitzed the overmatched Canadian team by 3½-½. Despite the loss, Canada has to be thrilled at Mark Bluvshtein's play at this Olympiad.  In an interview about his performance and India's medal chances, Viswanathan Anand stated:

"I am satisfied with my performance and with the team's results. Today we won 3½-½ and therefore we have some chances."

"The truth is I prefer to think round-by-round. Of course we have the medal in range, but I don't want to consider so far away. Maybe in a couple of rounds things will be clearer."


1st: Ukraine-32
2nd: Russia-29½
3rd: Armenia-29
4th: Israel-28
5th-7th: India, USA-27½

South Africa upsets Italy… takes African lead!
South Africa South Africa South Africa

Heavily out-rated on all boards, the South African lions beat the GM-led Italians and took sole possession of lead of Africa. They are squarely in the 2nd tier of teams and will play 28th-ranked Finland on tomorrow. Watu Kobese is on 6½-3½ and has been the most consistent player on the South African side. Front-runner Morocco stumbled against Singapore as Hichem Hamdouchi dropped his game against Goh Koon-Jong Jason and Moroccans went quietly 3-1. Tunisia lost by the same count to Ecuador.

In a race for the Caribbean bragging rights, it is certainly a forgone conclusion that
Cuba will win this crown and is trying to win a medal despite losing to Ukraine today.  In the battle for second, the English-speaking nations are scrambling for regional bragging rights. Barbados had led the region for most of the tournament, but with a disappointing 2½-1½ to Suriname, they have lost three matches in a row. Both Trinidad (19 points) and Jamaica (18½ points) are ahead of the Bajans (18 points).

African-Caribbean scores

2½-1½ Hong Kong; Bermuda 3-1 Seychelles; Botswana 3-1 Namibia Ukraine 3-1 Cuba; Cyprus 2½-1½ Jamaica Kenya 3-1 Aruba; Palestine 2½-1½ Libya; Lebanon 4-0 Mauritius; Singapore 3-1 Morocco; Nigeria 3-1 Malta; British Virgin Islands 2½-1½ Rwanda  South Africa 2½-1½  Italy; Faroe Islands 3-1 Trinidad & Tobago Ecuador 3-1 Tunisia; Uganda 2½-1½ Monaco; San Marino 3½-½ U.S. Virgin Islands

Report by Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

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Team Results

Selected Games

GM Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR) - GM Lenier Dominguez (UKR), 1-0
IM Yuniesky Quezada (CUB) - GM Sergey Karjakin (UKR), 0-1
FM Philip Corbin (BAR) - Dewperkash Gajadin (SUR), 1-0
IM Fernando Braga (ITA) - IM Watu Kobese (RSA), 0-1
GM Surya Ganguly (IND) - IM Igor Zugic (CAN), 1-0
GM Nigel Short (ENG) - IM Dede Liu (INA), 1-0
Bunmi Olape (NGR) - Colin Pace (MLT), 1-0


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