Team Profile

GM Lenier Domínguez set the 2004 FIDE Championships on fire when reaching the semi-finals with his ambitious play. Cuba has team is led by the talented duo in Domínguez and 2000 World Junior Champion, GM Lázaro Bruzón. The Mallorca team has been primarily the same for Istanbul (2000) and Bled (2002), but the team will add a promising player in IM Yuniesky Quesada.

Cuba competed for the early lead in Bled before faltering in the middle rounds, but this year, the team stands to win closer matches with an improved Domínguez on the top table. The other boards are stocked with strong veteran GMs
in Neuris Delgado, Jesús Nogueiras and Walter Arencibia.

In the legacy of José Raúl Capablanca, this team hopes to make and impression. Certainly, they will at least feel more comfortable in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Cuba's Lenier Domínguez

Cuba's Lenier Domínguez
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