Team Profile

One the homegrown products of Botswana's successful program in Zambian-born Ignatius Njobvu. Ignatius has now emerged as the veteran player of the Botswana side having participated in several Olympiad tournaments. He had the team's best percentage in the Bled Olympiad with 6-3.

Unfortunately, neither
FM Samuel Boipuso, nor Oftense Molale (6-6 in Bled)  will make the trip.  However, the Botswana cast has an active chess community and all the players have FIDE ratings. Phemelo Khetho is actually the highest rated player and at the time of the writing has already won his first game in Mallorca.

IM Watu Kobese of South Africa was the national coach in the Bled Olympiad and perhaps his influence will prove to be valuable in Spain.

NM Ignatius Njobvu

NM Ignatius Njobvu