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The Jamaican team had hope for a promising Olympiad campaign before hurricane Ivan put a damper on those plans. As a result, the island-nation is only sending five players and no women's team. Unfortunately FM Warren Elliott will not make the trip, so the team will rely on the leadership of NM Shane Matthews.

This tournament may make way for an up-and-coming player distinguished by his flowing dreadlocks,
Ras Malaku Lorne (pictured right). The former junior champion is making his Olympiad debut and hopes to benefit from the exposure of his first major international tournament. He'll play board #4.

The strength of this team will be the balance of the three boards including the ambitious
NM Duane Rowe who is participating in his third consecutive Olympiad and the solid NM Russel Porter. The last spot on the team is held by Ian Wilkinson, the federation's dynamic President and the author of a new book on Olympiad history titled, "Magnificence in Bled: The 35th Chess Olympiad."

NM Malaku Lorne

NM Ras Malaku Lorne

Olympiad Reports (Ian Wilkinson)

"Ukraine confirmed as Champions,"  29 October 2004.
"Jamaica scorch Afghanistan!!!!"  29 October 2004.
"Penultimate Round--Here We  Come!!!"  28 October 2004.
"Only four round to go," 26 October 2004.
"Barbados Spank Uganda," 23 October 2004.
"Jamaican Men with Clean Sweep," 21 October 2004.
"Chinese Women look Good," 20 October 2004.
"Russia Beaten!!!!"  19 October 2004.
"Ukraine make a big statement," 17 October 2004.
"The Magician waves his Wand," 17 October 2004.
"Jamaican's on the Score Board Early,"  15 October 2004.
"Let the Games Begin!!!!,"  15 October 2004.
"Jamaicans Arrive in Calvia, Mallorca!,"  14 October 2004.


Jamaican Chess Federation
Jamaican Ambassadors Chess Academy

Drum Briefs

"Wilkinson releases 'Magnificence in Bled,"  12 October 2004.
"Pan-African chess wave hits Jamaica!"  (essay) 1 August 2004.
"Malaku Lorne wins spot of Jamaican team!"  29 April 2004.
"Elliott wins 3rd Jamaican title!,"  31 March 2004.
2004 Jamaican National Championship