Round #10

Ukraine holds lead… Armenia and Cuba emerge!

Key Matches

USA 2-2 Ukraine
Russia 2½-1½ France
Armenia 3½-½ Slovenia
Israel 2-2 Switzerland
Cuba 2½-1½ India
Azerbaijan 2½-1½ Bulgaria

The USA and Ukraine played to a 2-2 draw. On board #2 Shabalov trotted out the Sveshnikov and sacrificed two central pawns for an attack. White's king stood dangerously in the line of fire and the black rooks came whizzing down the center. However, more sacrifices by Shabalov could get him no more than a ½-point. On board three, Eljanov-Goldin featured an interesting Grunfeld where black sacrificed the queen for two active minor pieces, but nonetheless another draw. The two other games were also drawn and the two teams split the match points.

On other top board
Russia beat France on the weight of Peter Svidler's win over ACP President, Joel Lautier. Thus Russia carved into Ukraine's lead. Armenia blasted Slovenia 3½-½ and like the Bled Olympiad, is piling up points in the latter rounds.  Cuba beat India 2½-1½ as Jesus Nogueiras beat Abhijit Kunte for the decisive game. Anand took a rest for the final medal push.  Finally, Azerbaijan won a thrilling match over Bulgaria to keep pace. On board #4, Gadir Guseinov mated Vasil Spasov with minor pieces in a brilliantly played game.


1st: Ukraine-29
2nd: Russia-27
3rd: Armenia-26½
4th: USA-26
5th-7th: Israel, Azerbaijan, Cuba-25

African-Caribbean scores

2½-1½ Hong Kong; Bermuda 3-1 Seychelles; Botswana 3-1 Namibia Ukraine 3-1 Cuba; Cyprus 2½-1½ Jamaica Kenya 3-1 Aruba; Palestine 2½-1½ Libya; Lebanon 4-0 Mauritius; Singapore 3-1 Morocco; Nigeria 3-1 Malta; British Virgin Islands 2½-1½ Rwanda  South Africa 2½-1½  Italy; Faroe Islands 3-1 Trinidad & Tobago Ecuador 3-1 Tunisia; Uganda 2½-1½ Monaco; San Marino 3½-½ U.S. Virgin Islands

Report by Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

FIDE Delgates: (L-R) Enoch Barumba (Uganda), Rugema Ngarambe (Rwanda), Lyndon Bouah (South Africa)

FIDE Delgates
(L-R) Enoch Barumba (Uganda), Rugema Ngarambe (Rwanda),
Lyndon Bouah (South Africa)
(Photo by Daaim Shabazz)

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Team Results

Selected Games

GM Andrei Volokitin (UKR) - GM Alexander Shabalov (USA), ½-½
GM Alexander Goldin (USA) - GM  Pavel Eljanov (UKR), ½-½
GM Gadir Guseinov (AZE) - GM Vadim Spasov (BUL), 1-0
GM Bu Xiangzhi (CHN) - GM Suat Atalik (BIH), 1-0
Steven Kawuma (UGA) - Shane Matthews (JAM), 0-1


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