2004 Chess Olympiad: African and Caribbean Reports

The 2004 Chess Olympiad is headed into the 3rd round and most everyone has a country (or player) they are cheering for. During the Olympiad, The Chess Drum will keep abreast of the selected teams from countries in Africa and the Caribbean in addition to general coverage of the event.  These reports can be accessed from the main page, or below. More teams from these regions may be added as information becomes available.

Special Team Reports!!


| Angola | Botswana | Kenya | Libya | Mauritius | Morocco |
Namibia | Nigeria | Rwanda | Seychelles | South Africa | Tunisia | Uganda |


| Barbados | Cuba | Jamaica | Netherlands Antilles |
| Trinidad & Tobago | U.S. Virgin Islands |

2004 Chess Olympiad

Posted by The Chess Drum: 17 October 2004