Team Profile

With the return of IM Kevin Denny, Barbados will field their strongest team in recent years. Denny won the last Barbados championship in a thrilling encounter, besting defending champion FM Delisle Warner. Warner has been the most consistent player for Barbados and relies on solid, practical play.

Terry Farley will test the Olympiad waters on board #3, but perhaps the key player on the team will be
FM Philip Corbin. A veteran of eight previous Olympiads, Corbin may be able to pile up points in the 4th spot. In lieu of the absence of Askari Elson, the "Bajans" will have Mark-John Allyene and Junior Open Champion, Martyn Del Castilho.

Olympiad Reports (Allan Herbert)

"Ukraine & China new World Chess Champs," 29 October 2004.
"Barbados nail San Marino 3-," 29 October 2004.
"Thailand 3-1 Barbados," 26 October 2004.
"Spain repel Barbados 3-," 25 October 2004.
"Barbados and Guatemala fight to 2-2 draw," 24 October 2004.
"Barbados 4-0 Uganda," 22 October 2004.
"Portugal floors Barbados 4-0," 21 October 2004.
"Bolivia stops Barbados 3-1," 20 October 2004.
"Barbados and Austria battle to 2-2 tie," 19 October 2004.
"Ukraine and Czech Republic lead Olympiad," 17 October 2004.


Barbados Chess Federation

Drum Briefs

"Denny to Lead Barbados to Olympiad," 10 October 2004.
"Del Castilho wins Barbados Jr. Open!"  19 July 2004.
"Denny wins 13th National Title," 4 June 2004.
"Chess News out of Barbados!," 11 December 2003.
"FM Delisle Warner aces Bajan Field," 12 August 2003.

IM Kevin Denny

IM Kevin Denny

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Standing L-R: Allan Herbert, Martyn Del Castilho, Terry Farley, Mark-John Alleyne, Delisle Warner, IM Kevin Denny, Peter Dawson, FM Philip Corbin.