Cuba’s Linares wins her 4th chess title!

Oleiny Linares Napoles won her 4th national title during the Cuban women’s championship from February 9th-20th. The event was a 12-player round-robin taking place in José Raúl Capablanca Academy in Camagüey. Linares has been a regular on The Chess Drum and was last featured after winning her 3rd championship. The Santiago de Cuba famously won a silver medal at the 2008 Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany. Her latest feat was a great challenge as the result was still in doubt in the last round.

According to the FIDE report,

In a dramatic final round, Ordaz suffered a defeat with the white pieces at the hands of Yaniela Forgas, whereas Linares drew her game with Yoana Gonzalez and clinched the title by scoring 8.5/11. The champion became the only paricipant to complete the tournament unbeaten. Lisandra Ordaz had to settle for silver. 

Yerisbel Miranda finished on 7/11 and took bronze.

Oleiny Linares (right) facing the London System from Lisandra Ordaz
Oleiny Linares (right) facing the London System from Lisandra Ordaz

Linares had reached a peak of 2378, but in recent times has seen a rating decline of below-2200. However, this title shows that she is still capable of competing at a high level. The Chess Drum community would like to congratulate Ms. Linares on her latest accomplishment!

Final Standings

1WGMLinares Napoles, Oleiny2179
2IMOrdaz Valdes, Lisandra23128
3WGMMiranda Llanes, Yerisbel22697
4WGMForgas Moreno, Yaniela2304
5WGMArribas Robaina, Maritza22256
6WFMMuniz Guevara, Amanda2057
7FMHernandez Machado, Patricia2143
8WIMHernandez Gil, Ineymig2158
9WIMGonzalez Ochoa, Yoana2104
10WIMObregon Garcia, Roxangel21584
11WFMGutierrez Espinosa, Karen2110
12WFMCabrera Ladron, Mayra1923

Photo: Federación Cubana de Ajedrez

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