2014 Chess Olympiad: Round #11

2014 Chess Olympiad: Round #11
Thursday, 14 August 2014

Top Boards (Open)

Poland 1-3 China
Hungary 3-1 Ukraine
Norway 1 4-0 Malaysia
Russia 2½-1½ France
Azerbaijan 2½-1½ USA

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Medal Standings (Open)




Kurt Meier of the Seychelles shown here in action during round seven. Meier collapsed at the board during his round eleven game against Rwanda. Photo by David Llada.

There are times when we realize that there are more important things that our personal hobbies. The attendees of the Olympiad were reminded of this when Kurt Meier of the Seychelles collapsed while playing in the final round against Rwanda’s Alain Niyibizi. Word spread quickly as the Chief Arbiter stopped the games while the paramedics attended to Meier. After several rounds of CPR, the ambulance came and whisked him away to a local hospital. A heart attack was suspected. More details are forthcoming.

(Update: It has been confirmed by several sources that Kurt Meier of the Seychelles succumbed to a heart attack. Attempts were made to revive him at the scene but they were unsuccessful. Meier’s son was playing next to him on board #1. I was told that he died on the scene but confirmation was needed.)

China was dominant throughout!
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

This round was the culmination of 11 days of competition where 175 teams competed for honor of their flag. It appeared that China was on a mission. The women were upset at being edged by Russia last year and it was apparent in their demeanor when receiving the medals. However, it was the men who seem to have the focus and drive to bag the gold. The Chinese men only lost one game the entire tournament and simply demolished the opposition not losing a single match!

The Chinese were jubilant and could be seen celebrating in tears. Ni Hua, the elder statesmen at 31, was perhaps the most emotional. He felt redemption for not being able to hold his game for the gold medal in the 2005 World Team Championships. Ni Hua was in tears, but for a different reason. During this Olympiad, China left home Wang Hao, Bu Xiangzhi and Li Chao all 2700-level players. Yet they were undefeated and only lost one game.

Hungary got the silver and India leapfrogged several teams to snatch the bronze in a historic result for the motherland of chess. Krishnan Sasikiran won the silver medal on board #3. More details to follow.

GM Krishnan Sasikiran led India to a team bronze while picking up a silver medal on board three. Photo by David Llada.

Press Conference with Nu Hua & Yu Yangyi (China)

Video by chess24.com.

Top Boards (Women)

Russia 3½-½ Hungary
Turkey 1½-2½ Norway 1
China 3-1 Poland
France 2½-1½ USA
Ukraine 2-2 Georgia

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Medal Standings (Women)




China was unable to overtake Russia. They drew on all four boards against the Ukraine, who took the bronze.

For the second Olympiad in a row, the order of the medals was Russia, China and the Ukraine. Despite losing to the Ukraine in the penultimate round, Russia rebounded by clinching the gold against Bulgaria. After this result, China-Ukraine had a bit of an uncomfortable situation when China’s team captain noted that Russia had already clinched the gold and appeared to be suggesting that the women “draw out”. The other players were focusing on Ushenina-Zhao game which still had some play. Ultimately, all boards drew and China got bronze while the Ukraine got bronze.

Valentina Guinina and Alexandra Kosteniuk took gold medals for boards 2 and 3 to lead Russia. Hou Yifan and Guo Qi took silver on boards 1 and 5 for China while Ju Wenjun took the bronze on board 2. Natalia Zhukova took the gold on board 4 for the Ukraine. Veteran Pia Cramling had 10/11 for Sweden!

Press Conference with winners, Russia (women)

Video by chess24.com.

Russia… 2014 Chess Olympiad gold medalists!
Photos by Daaim Shabazz.


  1. Hungary got the gold and India leapfrogged several teams to snatch the bronze in a historic result for the motherland of chess.

    I think you made a mistake in your sentence and have the wrong countries with their flags.

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