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Barbados’ Dr. Philip Corbin released his life-long affair with chess by releasing his autobiographical “Calypso Chess” in July. Dr. Corbin was asked how the book can be purchased outside of Barbados and he stated that he was working to get the book distributed by, the world’s largest bookstore. That time has come and the book is now available online.

Corbin is known as the “Caribbean Tal” and looking through his games one can see the creativity of his chess ideas. He is one who lives by Tal’s creed… “there are two types of sacrifices: correct ones and mine”. The handsome book carries a treasure trove of chess history, pictures, allegories and more than 300 annotated games. The book has attractive print, crisp diagrams and an entertaining prose making it a delightful read.

Get your copy today… CLICK HERE!

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  1. I liked this book,Calypso Chess,so much I bought another copy! One copy to take to the club and tournaments and one to stay home.This book is underpriced! It has over 450 pages ,annotated games and a great autobiography.A bargain!!! Dont stop playing Dr. Philip Corbin and please write more chess books1

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