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Orrin Hudson

ATLANTA – Feb. 27, 2009 – Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson is embarking on a cross-country mission to help at-risk youth make better life decisions using a very unusual tool: a chessboard. Starting in the Baker School District of Louisiana, Hudson, former Alabama State Trooper, author of “One Move at a Time” and the founder of Be Someone, has made it a personal goal to visit all 50 states teaching students the game of life using chess as a metaphor.

Due to the recent economic downturn, we have seen a rise in crime nationwide and I want to make sure that every child chooses to think it out, rather than shoot it out. It is more important than ever before to teach the youth of America that success is not measured by dollars,” said Hudson. “Through chess, I’m able to teach children to push pawns instead of drugs and help them make the moves that will improve their future.

In 2001, Hudson learned of an incident in which seven Wendy’s employees were shot, five of whom died – for a mere $2,400. It was this tragic incident that inspired Hudson to quit his job and use his life savings to found Be Someone, a not-for-profit organization designed to raise self-esteem while teaching responsibility and analytical thinking skills to at-risk children.

Now, Hudson travels the country mentoring children to value KASH – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits – over cash. Since its founding in 2001, Be Someone has touched the lives of over 20,000 students across the country and has had amazing success with increasing grade point averages, classroom participation and attendance through the mantra ‘Heads up, pants up, grades up and never give up.’

Hudson hopes the success of Be Someone will inspire others to volunteer their time and money to this important cause. “When good people fail to act, evil prevails,” said Hudson. “Investing in the youth of today is one of the best ways I’ve found to ensure a better tomorrow.”

By 2015, Be Someone hopes to have made a difference in close to one million students’ lives. If you are interested in donating, volunteering or learning more about Be Someone, please visit

About Be Someone

Founded in 2001, Be Someone is a non-profit crime prevention program aimed at the youth of America. Be Someone teaches self-esteem, responsibility and analytical thinking skills to at-risk youth through numerous tools, including the game of chess. Be Someone also offers inspirational programs for corporations and parents, designed to foster teamwork and encourage participation in the lives of children. If you are interested in donating, volunteering or learning more about Be Someone, please visit

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  1. Good Luck on Your 50 States Tour Mr. ORIN! The Youth at Deshler Elementary will be looking forward to meeting you when you come to Columbus Ohio. P.E.A.C.E. PROPER EDUCATION ALWAYS CORRECTS ERRORS

  2. I appreciate what you’re doing and would like to know if and when you may be in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I live in San Ramon, CA, I work in and am president of a small chess club in Oakland, CA; maybe we can be of some help.

  3. Orrin, wish you good luck in your mission. I would be very happy if I get a chance to meet you when you come to DC area. I am also trying, with the help of my colleagues, to establish similar mission in war and famine torn Ethiopia, my home country. There are millions of at-risk kids that could benifit from learning and playing the game not just to become chess players but to improve their academic success and stay away from trouble.

    Kebadu Belachew

  4. God bless your efforts!!! We need more willing to make the same type of sacrifices for what is right.

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