Yes, I Play Chess!

GM Maurice Ashley

GM Maurice Ashley will attend the “Yes I Play Chess!” event in conjunction with Women’s History Month festivities. The event will be held on March 29th and is designed to teach women and girls the game of chess.

Ashley will provide chess instruction and then give a 30-board simultaneous exhibition. There is an admission fee of $5.00 for youth and $10 for adults. The event will take place at the Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports at Trinity University.

The Brooklyn-based Grandmaster has been spending time with community projects in the past six years including the HB Global Chess Challenge, authoring the book, Chess for Success and a proposing a program to get chess in the prisons. He has also taken on the responsibility to help rising talent and has worked with Medina Parilla, Darrian Robinson and latest sensation, Joshua Colas.

For more information contact,

Cheryl Richardson, Host
FLAME Financial

Derrick Carter, Co-Host
(240) 472-5808

Register today! Seating is limited. Download PDF registration form here!


  1. I recently saw an ad for an insurance agency staring Maurice Ashley. I was pretty surprised but at the same time elated to see chess let alone the First Black GM on television.

  2. Yes, is excellent! Just remember to search
    Maurice Ashley’s name. Based on the pictures and in the spirit of
    the event, I hope that there was a good number of women and
    young women represented. This was difficult to determine from
    the pictures presented. In any case, it is great to see Maurice
    active. I hope to see him in another U.S. Championship in

    By the way, good representing ‘Black Knight’ (you and the kids
    that you encouraged to come to the event)!! Peace…

  3. Hello, and thanks to all, for the info on Maurice Ashley! I was also wondering if the Black Knight is from Washington,D.C ? If so hello from Nails of Baltimore !!!!!!!

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