Jimmy Canty continues to rise!

Jimmy Canty III

Those who have visited The Chess Drum may have heard about a young standout player from Detroit, USA named Jimmy Canty III. He is the defending Michigan H.S. champion and eclipsed the 2100 USCF rating at the Motor City Open placing 2nd-4th (losing only to IM Emory Tate). He then placed clear second in the Michigan Action Championship. He beat long-time Master John Brooks in both of these touraments. Canty, who competed in the Denker Tournament of Champions last summer, is trying to become the youngest Black player to make U.S. National Master. Howard Daniels of the famous Vaux teams made master at 15 years, 4 months.

Listen to The Chess Drum’s
interview with Canty at 2006 World Open!


  1. I set Jimmy up with some blitz matches at the World Open a few years back and he’s the real deal. Played IM Stephen Muhammad, NM Ernest Colding, IM Oladapo Adu, Experts Sylvester Smarty and Jacob Wamala. Wamala also has game… he’s 18 now, but I’m not sure if he is still playing given the family situation.

    Jimmy Canty III blitzing!

  2. Hey all im from Detroit as well know Jimmy personally he’s 16 now not 18 daaim lol. And he’s been around the local club lately he’s getting back into it i believe. I have been out of chess last 4 years due to school just getting back into the swing of things

  3. You missed it. The age reference is to Jacob Wamala, not Jimmy. Jimmy is a junior at Cass Tech and certainly he wouldn’t be 18. I It’s good that he’s getting back into chess. I was just in Detroit last weekend visiting the Detroit City Chess Club.

  4. I may be out of sight but every one is not out of my mind. Keep up the good work on keeping Chess going strong in Buffalo!
    Jeanette Dubose

  5. Hello everyone! this is James Canty III, or Jimmy…lol I am here to inform you all that i have just clinched master rating of 2201 from my last tournament this past weekend, the first annual Harold Steen Memorial Cup, in which i took first place with 6.5/7 games, where i beat a 2000, 2114, 1840, 2040, 2097, draw with another 2114, and a forfit win from a player who did not show because his score was 0, had no points. (Vester Wilson)…..you can use the rating estimator on uschess.org to see my new rating. I am glad to say that i have finally reached master ranking, and that this has motivated me to become better, to study harder, and to become more than your average master player…Thank you all for believing in me..

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