African Chess in Newsweek

The Closet Grandmaster blog sent me a note that there was an article on African Chess in Newsweek. In this article, they focus on Zambia’s Amon Simutowe and discusses the challenges and what needs to be done to promote chess on the continent. Scott Johnson actually contacted me for an interview, but we never got together.


There’s a good article on African Chess in Newsweek.



  1. Edwin,

    There were several errors and I point some out to Mr. Johnson. Kasparov has been long retired and perhaps the writer did not know this. However, with such turmoil in the chess world it is no wonder journalists get it wrong. The story was written prior to the World Chess Championship since he wrote it right after the African Championships.

    I also told him that the “geek/chess” perception associated with chess has not be true for about 50 years. There is so much more diversity in chess these days and it is no longer limited to the upper crust games of white men. Anand is proof of this.

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