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ChessBase ran an interesting interview of Viswanathan Anand that was conducted by Manisha Mohite and written for India’s Sify Sport. Anand talks about his beginning and the surprising admission was that he did plan to be a chess player.

When asked who his role models were in India, he stated that he had none since all were trying to become the 1st Indian Grandmaster. He talked about how players used to try to rankle him at the board. He mentioned his junior days as well and it was predicted that his fast moving would amount to nothing. After he won World Junior, he became know for winning games using only a few minutes on his clock.

Most importantly, he talked about his travels to play in Europe and how he made it on the weak rupee. He has served as a role model for chess players from the developing world and proves that a lot can be made from little. Smaller federations such as those in Africa and the Caribbean can also take note to the rise of India as a chess power. Anand had a great deal to do with this. Thus, it becomes imperative that top players in small federations should realize that they are role models for generations to come.

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