The ultimate team chess event commenced on October 26th as more than 140 countries will be represented at the 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled-Slovenia. The biennial event will last two weeks as all teams will vie for both team and individual medals.

The Olympiad usually produces magical stories like
GM Judit Polgar's 2772 performance in the 2000 tournament. In addition to stars like GM Ruslan Ponomariov (UKR), young players like GM Pentala Harikrishna (IND), IM Mark Paragua (PHI), IM Mark Bluvshtein (CAN) will have their skills on full display.

Bled, Slovenia

The beautiful and placid scenery of Bled, Slovenia.

Russia will come with guns fully loaded in this Olympiad with and average ELO rating of 2734, with a vengeful GM Garry Kasparov on board #1! Other teams to watch will be the the "Asian Dragons" of China, the Ukraine, England, Israel, Germany, and France. Also watch for the young upstart team from India bolstered by a much-improved GM Krishnan Saskiran. India shocked the USA team 3-1 in the 2000 Olympiad and led India to spectacular 8th place finish. It was also in the 2000 Olympiad that Zambian star IM Amon Simutowe won a silver medal on board #1 and caused many to take notice. Other African players like Zimbabwe's IM Robert Gwaze and Botswana's Boipuso Samuel also impressed.

What is certain is that there will be exciting chess played in Bled as team events have an added element of strategy, preparation, and tension… times when the entire fate of the team depends of one player's technique! For the smaller chess nations in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America, it is a time to test the waters while also having a chance to make a big splash in the world chess scene. Most important of all the Olympiad will create new associations, friendships and lasting memories.  Let the games begin!!

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