Team Profile

Ryan Harper set a new standard in Trinidadian chess with an impressive 11-0 performance in the last National Championship. He will lead the "Trini" side to Bled to do battle with the world's best.

Trinidad is one of the most active federations in the Caribbean and feels a sense of optimism with young talent like
Allan Munro, winner of the recent Barbados Junior Open. Perhaps he will be a fixture in future Olympiad tournaments.

As National Champion, Harper will hold board #1 and have a capable supporting cast including 10-time National Champion
NM Christo Cave, FM Mario Merritt with Yogi Ramsingh, Ravishan Singh and John Raphael.


FM Ryan Harper

FM Ryan Harper

Trinidadian Men's Team. Copyright  Jerry Bibuld, 2002.

2002 Men's Team: (from left to right) FM Ryan Harper (Bd. 1), Yogi Ramsingh (Bd. 2), Christo Cave (Bd. 3). (middle row, left to right) FM Mario Merritt (Bd. 4), Ravishen Singh (Bd. 5), John Raphael (Bd. 6). (back) NM Cecil Lee (captain). Photo by Jerry Bibuld.