Chess Crackers
May/June 2007

The following represent a variety of positions from talented Black players. In the following diagrams, you're challenged to find the winning line. Each position ends with decisive material gain or mate. Solve each of the four problems (as deep as possible) and check your answers by scrolling below. No peeking!!

No. 2

No. 1

IM Oladapo Adu-NM Chikwere Onyekwere
White to Move (after 14Qf5xg4)

IM Emory Tate-IM Stefan Kristjansson
White to Move (after 33Bb7xd5)

No. 3

No. 4

GM Jonny Hector-GM-elect Pontus Carlsson
Black to Move (after 25. Qe2-d2)

IM Amon Simutowe-IM Blas Lugo
White to Move (after 35Kg7-h8)


No. 1 Adu-Onyekwere (2007 Nigerian Clash - Houston, USA)
This encounter was the first game of a six-game match between the Nigerian masters. Adu caught Chikwere off guard with an offbeat line against the Sicilian. It appeared as if the young Nigerian champion merely played moves by reflex and ended up facing a central onslaught after the snappy 15. Rxe7+!  Black's game comes under complete devastation after 15Kxe7 16.Nd5+ (16.Bxf6 Bxf6 17.Qxd6+ Ke8 18.Qxf6) 17.Nxf6 Bxf6 18.Bxf6 Kg8 19.Qh6 with mate to follow. (See game; IM Oladapo Adu, Chikwere Onyekwere)

No. 2  Tate-Kristjansson(2007 Reykjavik International - Reykjavik, Iceland)
Tate's reputation precedes him and certain this may have been Iceland's first look at the attacking genius. While Tate faltered in the second half of this tournament, he reeled off a sparkling win. After feeding black a knight sacrifice and drumming up a dangerous attack, white arrived at the diagrammed position. Tate had many way to finish and chose the efficient
33.Nc4! and black will hemorrhage material after 33Bxf7 34.Nxd6. (See game; IM Emory Tate)

No. 3  Hector-Carlsson (2007 Sigeman Tournmaent - Malm, Sweden)
Carlsson was playing in his first tournament since getting his final GM norm. In this game his plays fellow compatriot Jonny Hector and gets the better of the black side of the French defense. As black's pawns steamrolled up the middle of the board, white was pushed against the wall. Carlsson then meted out punishment with 25Bf4! White's kingside become compromised and the house falls after 30. gxf4 Qg6+ 31. Kh1 Rh5 when white is defenseless. (See game; IM Pontus Carlsson)

No. 4  Simutowe-Lugo (2007 Miami International -  Miami, USA)
Amon Simutowe is poised to become the first Grandmaster from the Sub-Saharan African region. He is embarking on a tour to earn his last GM norm and the Miami International as sort of a warm-up. While he only scored 50%, he was involved in a number of exciting games. This game was against Cuban-born Blas Lugo,  known for his confrontational style. Lugo uncorked an interesting 15Nh4!? which led to intense fireworks. After the dust settled, Simutowe found his king in the middle of the board with minimal cover, but had compensation in two advanced pawns. The young Zambian finished the game with the crisp 36.Rc8! White's advanced pawns totally pinned down black's rooks and the position became undone after a few more harmless checks from the black queen. (See game; IM Amon Simutowe)

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