GM-elect Carlsson on the move!

Pontus Carlsson is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. The  24-year old phenom from Sweden has recently earned his 3rd norm and at press time, has apparently earned the requisite 2500 rating to have his title confirmed later in the year.

The past few years have been especially exciting for Carlsson as he has kept a rigorous schedule. Spain has been especially hospitable to Carlsson since it was where he earned several IM and GM norms. In addition, it has also been a place to practice the language of his birth country, Columbia.

Currently, he is playing in the
Sigeman & Company Chess Tournament in Malmo, Sweden. Carlsson has considered playing in the U.S. World Open, but told The Chess Drum that he will opt for the Swedish Championships.  Carlsson has dramatically improved his ELO and a few short years ago, he did not hold a FIDE title.  As a Grandmaster, he will be able to negotiate conditions and the world will finally get a chance to see this fascinating personality close up!

GM-elect Pontus Carlsson.

GM-elect Pontus Carlsson

Results of GM-elect Pontus Carlsson (2506 ELO)

Round 1: GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson (Sweden, 2552 ELO) - Carlsson, 1 - 0
Round 2: Carlsson - GM Erwin l'Ami (Holland, 2617 ELO), -
Round 3: GM Ivan Cheparinov (Bulgaria, 2646 ELO) - Carlsson, -
Round 4: Carlsson - GM Parimarjan Negi (India, 2515 ELO), 1 - 0
Round 5: IM Emil Hermansson (Sweden, 2475 ELO) - Carlsson, -
Round 6: Carlsson - GM Jan Timman (Holland, 2545 ELO), 0-1
Round 7: GM Jonny Hector (Sweden, 2537 ELO) - Carlsson, 0-1
Round 8: Carlsson - GM Emmanuel Berg (Sweden, 2574 ELO), -
Round 9: GM Vassilios Kotronias (Greece, 2570 ELO) - Carlsson, 0-1

Score: 5-4

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 April 2007