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Liguanea Chess Club Online - Jamaica
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Chess and Business Strategy

Chess Curiosities by Tim Krabbé

"Cultures, Chess & Art" 
features three hardback volumes illustrating the stunning beauty of chess sets from different nations of the world. A discount is offered through The Chess Drum!

"A Brief History of Black Chess Masters in America"

"Maurice Ashley - 'Chess for Success' (Book review)

The Wilbert Paige Memorial Tournament

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Boylston Chess Club
British Chess Magazine
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Europe Echecs (in French)
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64 Commandments of Chess
Teaching Your Kids Chess
Be Someone (Orrin Hudson)
Chess Corner
Chess Learning Center (Ward Farnsworth)
Complete ECO Codes
Eagle Chess Academy (Ted Fagan)
IM Igor Khmelnitsky's Training
Online Chess Lesson (Will Stewart)
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