IM Emory Tate in Iceland!

IM Emory Tate in Iceland for the Reykjavik International.
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IM Emory Tate is currently in Iceland to take part in the Reykjavik International. As most chess players know, the city is the site of the famous Bobby Fischer-Boris Spassky match. Tate has been active in the international scene in a push for the GM title. He contacted The Chess Drum prior to his round four match with the number one seed, GM Aloyzas Kveinys of Lithuania. The games can be followed live at the website below with the database powered by

Results of IM Emory Tate (2406 ELO)

Round 1: Tate-Hrannar Baldursson (Iceland, 2129 ELO), 1-0
Round 2: Tate-IM Hedinn Steinggrimsson (Iceland, 2482 ELO), 0-1
Round 3: Gudmundur Kjartansson (Iceland, 2279 ELO)-Tate, 0-1
Round 4:
GM Aloysaz Kveinys (Lithuania, 2546 ELO)-Tate, -
Round 5: Tate-IM Stefan Kristjansson (Iceland, 2468 ELO), 1-0 (nice!)
Round 6: GM John Shaw (Scotland, 2441 ELO)-Tate, 1-0
Round 7:
Tate-IM Jha Sriram (India, 2425 ELO), 0-1
Round 8: Kristjan Edvardsson (Iceland, 2225 ELO)-Tate, 1-0
Round 9: Tate-Sverrir Thorgeirsson (Iceland, 2029 ELO), -

Score: 4-5

Analysis: Tate undoubtedly scored below his expectations and standards. He played strongly in the first half of the tournament (with a beautiful win over Kristjansson), but then hit a buzzsaw by losing three in a row. In looking at Tate's games, it appears that he is forcing his play instead of allowing his talent to evolve naturally in the game. He chose a strange opening (Gurgenidze Modern) against Shaw and against Jha, he missed an in betweener. Some speculate that it was fatigue, but just as sure as Tate is a warrior, he'll merely pick himself up and prepare for his next battle.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 14 April 2007